INWA120-Introductory Course Feb 2 2020 – WA


Undergraduates and Interns! Here is your introduction to Clinical Pilates!!


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Introductory Course

The Introductory Course is designed for undergraduate physiotherapy students as an introduction to  one of todays most popular methods of injury treatment & management. – Clinical Pilates MBCT. Since introducing Clinical Pilates over  30 years ago, DMA’s commitment to research & development has maintained  the gold standard. In 2019, Health Reform requirements will change  how Pilates can be used by physios.

We start by reviewing the research that differentiates Clinical Pilates from  traditional Pilates and move into the “exercise as medicine” model. You will learn the critical difference between  treating with a clinical pathway based program & teaching a class as an instructor. The translational research framework gives the evidence base a conduit to implement  the continually changing healthcare landscape. 

For the first time undergraduates will gain an insight into the process of classifying patients into subgroups and an introduction to patient specific exercise selection in matwork, reformer & trapeze table exercises.

If you are a Physiotherapy student wanting a glimpse into the Clinical Pilates world and  curious as to what these changes will mean to your future, join us in Western Australia on February 2nd, 2020

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to stay at the cutting edge of exercise medicine and demonstrate the value of evidence based and designed Clinical Pilates Physiotherapy treatment programs.

The $299 investment will be discounted when you proceed to the certification program.

Please note payment is required at the time of registration