3 day course, 9am – 5.30 pm
  • Lumbo pelvic stability and asymmetry
  • Patient subgrouping and setting patient specific treatment programs
  • Problem solving complex patient presentations
  • Functional stability tests and outcome measures
  • Cervico thoracic and shoulder girdle stability treatment
  • Chronic pain made simple via pattern recognition heuristics
  • Pelvic floor vs bowel & bladder – what are we missing?
  • Differentiation of radiological findings
  • Function or structure – differential diagnosis tools
  • Exercises as clinical tests and treatment tools
  • Case studies

This module covers Matwork, Reformer and Trapeze Table work that bears most relevance to patient treatment pathways.


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The DMA Clinical Pilates APA accredited process involves a concise clinically focused treatment model which has been developed over many years by the best sports medicine minds in the world. Our evidence-based course unequivocally instructs toward best practice for injury management and timeframes. No other ‘clinical pilates’ course can provide this.